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Product Highlight: Stair Rods

Stair Rods, aka Carpet Rods, are decorative hardware for the stair case.  They are installed at the base of the riser, at the rear of each tread.  Each stair rod consists of a pair of brackets affixed to the staircase adjacent the edges of the runner, with a connecting rod between the brackets, under which the runner passes.  Variations on the design provide the same overall function, but may hold the runner via clamps just along the edges or fasten the rod along the width of the runner and not use end brackets at all.

Stair Rods were originally used to hold carpet runners on stairs.  Today, they are mainly an atheistic touch to add some class and style and/or to match hardware styles elsewhere in the room.  They still serve the purpose of filling the sharp corner at the rear of the tread, perhaps concealing the runner's installation or seams as the staircase make a turn.

Stair Rods come in many materials and finishes, with solid or hollow tubes.  Brass as a base material and as a final finish has provided benefits of lower costs, high appeal, and relatively low maintenance.  Most Stair Rods need only a wipe with a dry cloth to keep looking great.

There are design options available for any decor style, from casual to sophisticated. offers a selection of patterns and styles suited for a broad audience.  However, we cannot show all the possibilities via our online catalog.  We encourage you to make contact with us if there is something in particular that desire that we do not display in our catalog.

Check out some of these great styles of stair rods


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