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Product Highlight: Wall Hangers

One cannot mention 'wall hangers' without mentioning the underlying reason/birth of such an item: Tapestries.  This topic will be covered by its own Highlight at some point.  But, the short on the topic is that tapestries are vertically hung textiles that served many purposes; decoration, insulation, and/or sound-damping.  The methods to hang such items may be as simple as pegs or nails straight through the textile into the underlying wall structure to elaborate and ornate hardware that mirrors the auspices and complexity of the textile itself.

Modern textiles serve much the same purpose as they once did, from decoration through to environmental control.  Also, hanging techniques have not changed much as well, from simple pegs to elaborate hardware.  Conventional hanging of tapestries follows either of two main methods: loops/pocket -or- clamps.  Each of these methods involve a similar set of hardware; a rod about the length of the hanging edge mounted to the wall at each end and at reasonable intervals in the middle if the hanging method allows room for such.

  • Loops/Pocket need the tapestry or rug to have a fabric loop sewn onto the top edge.  Through which a rod is slid, to stiffen and connect to the anchoring hardware.  This sleeve may be continuous or segmented along the edge, as well as being of appropriate proportion to the weight/size of the hanging.
  • Clamps do not require alterations to the tapestry/rug.  Small gripping hooks are squeezed onto the top edge of the tapestry that then hook over the main wall hanger bar.  The fabric loops mentioned above are replaced by metal hooks clamped to the fabric and hung over the bar at intervals.  These clamped are designed to have as little impact on the textile as possible.

CoastalRugs.com has sourced some wall hanger options that satisfy both methods mentioned above.  Regardless of the method employed, it is suggested that not more than 10lbs per foot is hung on a wall hanger without consultation.  We can discuss hardware options for unconventional circumstances and situations.  Or, we can provide the necessary kits for individuals to hang their items all by themselves.  Many of the options are able to customized on site for the length and installation method desired.

Check out the collections and design options shown in our catalog.


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