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Privacy / Return Policies

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Dear Shopper,

Thank you very much for visiting our store and shopping with us.

We try to present as much information as possible about the products we have for sale.  Contact us with any questions, comments, or requests - we will work our best to satisfy your curiosities.

Privacy / Data Collection: We do need to keep track of certain things to make sure your order reaches its intended destination.  But, we keep this to the bare minimum, and only ever use this information in-house.  We DO NOT share any of this information with advertisers or other bothersome entities — We don’t like junk mail or telemarketing calls either.

Payments: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.  We use a secured internet connection with your sensitive data.  Your order is secured with a 100% deposit to cover any necessary procurement/creation/modification of your items.

Price Match: If you see a lower, regular advertised price (not close outs and discontinued items) for the same item as we offer, please contact us.  When we can match a competitor's lower price, we gladly pass this savings on to our customer.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss price matching options with you.

Shipping: Many of the suppliers of the goods presented in our store create these goods just for you, based upon your order - size, shape, color, or finish.  All of this means delivery dates fluctuate and your items will ship without precise predictability.  For this reason, we do not offer expedited shipping options or guaranteed delivery dates.  We do, however, give an honest estimation of lead time for receipt of purchases.  (See: 'Free' Shipping)

Cancellation: Customers wanting to cancel their orders should CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY BY PHONE.  We can cancel orders caught before shipment or allocation of goods without penalty - nullifying the transaction and returning funds to their original source.  But, we can just as easily modify the order to reflect interest in another product.

Return / Exchange: We know that you may decide to return or exchange an item for many reasons; size issues, damage, incorrectness, change-of-heart, whatever.

We extend these options for 30 days from the original order date (adjusted for any lead times).  This does not limit any warranties from individual manufacturers.

We will work with you during a Return or Exchange, providing the details necessary - many suppliers mean many potential return locations.  When necessary, all returned items (even defective items, which may still have some value) should receive care during packaging, with attention to damage-prevention during transit.

— Due to Damage / Incorrectness: Since many of the items listed in our store come directly from the national importer or craftsmen themselves, we can only act as an advisor in cases of damage during shipment.  We will help during the replacement process, acting as liaison where necessary/possible/needed.  (Per typical shipper guidelines, claims may be raised by the ‘shipper’ or ‘receiver’.  Officially, Coastal Designer Rugs is neither.)

Contact Us (link: ) as soon as possible in these situations.  Please plan on providing photos documenting the damage/incorrectness.  This will help us better resolve the matter in a timely manner.

— Due to Defects: Manufacturing defects/damage usually means a replacement shipped to you at no further cost.  We will likely ask that you re-box the item in preparation for return to either us or the shipping location — we will determine this at the time of need.

— Due to Change-of-Heart: If you change your mind about an item, you may choose to either

A. Exchange > Apply the full value of the ordered item towards a replacement.

B. Return > Refund 80% of the value; predicated on safe arrival of the original product at the destination as directed.

You may exercise option ‘A. Exchange’ once - a second exchange will be considered an option ‘B. Return’, and purchase of a fresh item.  In either case, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.  The returned item should be in its original packaging and in salable condition.

— Custom Items: Since, in most cases, custom items are created for your unique circumstances, they may be non-returnable.  Items that can be altered further (i.e., stair rods) can be returned with the base product value reduced to the next smaller size.  We will establish a dialog for non-returnable custom items so there is no misunderstanding prior to ordering.


Thank you,
Coastal Designer Rugs, LLC