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Zoroufy - Grand Regency - Ball - Brushed Brass


Zoroufy's Grand Regency Collection allows for easy mounting of your rug or tapestry, utilizing a unique thread clamp to securely grip your wall hanging without damage. Manufactured from 100% Brass.

Modular sets allow for any length necessary to accommodate your wall hanging.

This product is sold as a complete package, enough for one wall hanging. Though, your particular purchase may be comprised of multiple Add-on Sets to achieve your desired length. Each package will contain at least 2 End Brackets, 2 Finials, 3 Support Brackets, 4 Clips, Brass Tube with mounting hardware. Each Add-on Set adds more clamps, support brackets, and tubing.

  • 3/4in Tube (length dependent on Base Set chosen)
  • 100% Brass Alloy
  • Accommodates wall hangings up to 3/4in thick
  • Handles 5lbs of weight per foot of rod length
  • Any length is possible with Add-on Sets
  • Easy to install
  • See information about finishes and measurement guidelines next to the form fields below

Each 36in Add-on Set includes:

  • (1) 36in, 3/4in diameter tube
  • (3) Support brackets
  • (3) Clips
  • (1) Rod connector

Each 12in Add-on Set includes:

  • (1) 12in, 3/4in diameter tube
  • (1) Support brackets
  • (1) Clips
  • (1) Rod connector

  • How to Measure
  • ($99.00)
  • ($59.00)

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